Aluminum-Fueled BMW i3

We are building an aluminum-fueled BMW i3 (Sindri) to demonstrate the capabilities of aluminum fuel as a range-extension strategy for electric vehicles (EVs).

Range and availability of recharging stations is still a major factor limiting the widespread use of electric vehicles in the United States today.

The i3 REX is unique among EVs because it includes a small internal combustion engine (the range extender) that can be used to charge the battery while the car is driving. Despite the addition of this engine, the i3 REX is a fully-electric vehicle (not a hybrid), and the range extender can be replaced with an aluminum fuel system.

We are first building a Level II electric vehicle charger to demonstrate the large-scale capabilities of aluminum fuel.

Students with the following skills and interests are needed to continue the development of the EV during 2.014:

  • Power electronics
  • Metal fabrication and welding
  • Thermal fluids engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • System integration
  • Documentation and communication