When/where does the class meet?

2.013 Fall 2016 meets Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 5:00 PM in NE45-202

Class takes place in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works workspace.

Why should I sign up for 2.013/2.014?

Our student-run class is one-of-a-kind at MIT. Nowhere else can you take a single class that:

  • is run like a hardware startup
  • lets you interact with high-level industry and government sponsors
  • will develop a system for imminent industrial/military deployment
  • teaches you how to manage a complex system development and integration project
  • gives you access to the MIT Beaver Works shop and prototyping facility
  • teaches valuable communication and leadership skills
  • teaches communication of complex ideas to make progress for short deadlines

What are the time commitments like for this course?

Class work time is intended to be flexible, but will take up considerably more time than the allocated in-class meetings. 2.013 meets twice weekly with the bulk of class time going to design team meetings. 2.014 meets once weekly for team updates. The rest of your time is self-organized to let you design, build and test productively!

The workload for 2.013 and 2.014 is not trivial. 2.013 and 2.014 are intended for students seeking experience working on complex integrated systems in a small team environment.  Design teams work closely with government and industry sponsors to define requirements and develop advanced high value systems.

What comes after 2.013 and 2.014?

Our alumni have gone on to do a bunch of awesome things like work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, JPL, graduate school, startups and more!

If you’re a junior taking 2.014 for the first time, then 2.013 should definitely be on your radar for next fall – we need pros with build experience to head up our design team in the fall!

How do I get in touch with you!?

Check out our contact page to get in touch with the point people for each project!

How does taking 2.013/2.014 help me graduate?

2.013 can be taken as a substitution for 2.009 as a mechanical engineering CI-M

2.014 can be taken as a restricted elective in mechanical engineering

2.014 can be taken as a substitution for 2.THU (undergraduate thesis) with instructor approval. Students are expected to contribute significantly to final project reports in order to receive thesis credit. Taking 2.013 the fall before taking 2.014 for thesis credit is strongly encouraged.

2.014 will have mechanical engineering CI-M status and can be taken in place of 2.009 beginning Spring 2017

2.014 meets with 2.019 Design of Ocean Systems, the required CI-M class for 2OE majors (OEs, make sure you register for 2.019 and not 2.014)

2.014 can only be used to satisfy ONE of the above requirements per academic cycle taken, but can be repeated for credit in a different category the following year.


Who funds all this cool work?

We are very lucky to have great sponsors that not only fund us but also work with us to give feedback on our designs! Check out our sponsors below:

While our sponsors do have some defense-related interests, class policy is to only take on projects with significant civilian applications as well. The class does not have citizenship requirements and does not require signing any non-disclosure agreements.