Iron Woman Generator

  • Final rendering of proposed system
    Final rendering of proposed system
  • Rendering showing internal components
    Rendering showing internal components

 The Iron Woman project (2014-2015) aims to design and prototype a 3kW power solution for the US Marine Corps.

The system uses a novel Aluminum-Gallium / Water power system to replace diesel engines for deployed missions. The aluminum system would reduce demand for fuel transport, which in turn would reduce the risk of casualties due to supply chain incidents.

During the Spring 2015 semester, students successfully prototyped a system using the hydrogen released by an Aluminum-Gallium / Water reaction to deliver 12VAC power in a portable, rugged package.  Our working prototype also became the first power supply system to use aluminum as a fuel to generate power on the kilowatt scale, thus demonstrating its contested viability. The system was built with mostly off-the shelf components and drew power exclusively from the hydrogen produced by the aluminum reaction.

With future iterations that also generate power from the heat produced in this reaction, coupled with custom-designed and optimized components, great gains in efficiency are possible.